A poem about Milan invented by artificial intelligence

In Milan, where the stones tell an ancient story,
The past meets the modern desire to live in tomorrow.
The Duomo rises to the sky, the cathedral of golden dreams,
In the shadow of the vault where time dances, its secret sounds like a song.

Picture galleries and bustling squares,
In La Scala, music sings that caresses the soul like a pear.
Streets alive, pulsing with the energy of the city,
Where the past burns in the smell of coffee and singing.

Risotto alla Milanese, flavors countless,
A culinary world where tradition meets the modern wave.
The towers of the modern woods stand in contrast to the old castle,
Where dreaming of the future intertwines with forgotten history.

Leonardo da Vinci and his drawings full of visions,
The wings of thoughts that still stir within us.
In the heart of the city, where creative forces meet,
Milan, which wears the crown of art and fashion style.

Monument of history, mirror of water and sky,
Where people, like mountains, unite their efforts, their paths.
In Milan, where the heart of Italian passion beats,
Every moment is a sonata that sounds in the beat of a symphony.

So enter Milan, where the past meets the present,
A city that has a never-ending story in its streets, always full of wonderful moments and gestures.
Where the golden sun rises above the Duomo,
Milan, I find a piece of my soul in you.